Urgently Need YOU: the American Red Cross Call for Blood Donation


The American Red Cross is seeking help for blood donation, since the severe winter storms across most of the country resulted in over 800 cancellation of blood drives nationwide.

The American Red Cross says it has lost about 33,000 blood and platelet donations because frigid temperatures are keeping potential donors at home.  The facts are crucial for transfusions used at hospitals to help save lives.


Now the Red Cross is asking for platelet donors and donors with the most in-demand blood types – O-positive and negative, A-negative and B-negative – to give in the coming days to help offset the shortfall caused by winter weather.

“Right now, blood products are being distributed to hospitals as quickly as the donations are coming in. We are encouraging donors with all blood types to come in now and help us restock our shelves”, said Red Cross spokeswoman Jecoliah Ellis.

The American Red Cross has asked for help on every major national media and local media and appeal to the public to donate blood or provide blood drives for the donators around the neighbourhood.

Your community needs EVERYONE right now! Don’t have to be a doctor, you can save a life. Dont’ have to be superman, you can be a hero! YOU, can make a difference. It’s the time to give a gift of life to the people in need.  The weather is freezing, but our hearts never go cold.

If you have donated before, thanks for your kindness! We are expecting to having you again! And the Red Cross is always there for you, your beloved families,  and everyone.

Please visit the website of the American Red Cross to get more information: http://www.redcrossblood.org/donating-blood

Note: This is not affiliated with any other organization. It is a student class assignment.

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Happy Chinese New Year!

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Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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