Mid-term Part I

For celebrating the National Grandparent’s Day, Disney launched new promotion to family tour. The campaign contains blogs, twitters and infograpics.

In this campaign, we are targeting parents in the families as priority audience, as well as the young generation.

The campaign is to remind the couples to care more about the senior members in the family, and value the important relationship between their parents and their kids. Compared with aged grandparents and young kids with no income, we have reason to believe that this generation has much higher purchasing capacity. They also have ability to use Internet and new media, which mean they have access to the blog. We call on the parents to organize and pay for the family tour.

We also targeting at the young generation as well, since teenagers and elder third generation of the family use Internet more frequently. It will be better if they promote our campaign by sharing the blog, twitters and infographic on the social media or even just showing to their parents.


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