Grandma’s Second Childhood in Disneyland

Are you a parent? Are you a grandparent? Are you a child having the love from the whole family? The National Grandparents’ Day is around the corner. Does your family already have a plan on September 7th?

Love across the generations

Time flies, doesn’t’ it? It’s like yesterday you were a little kid, but today you are a parent, raising your babies and taking care of the seniors. We grow up and become mature, while our dad and mom’s hair gets grey. Time takes their beauty and youth away, left you with the deepest love. Remember how happy they are on the day you had a baby? Ultimately their love for grandchildren comes from the love to you.

Grandparents play a vital role in today’s families. Senior people like spend time with young kids. They feel alive and active when take care of grandchildren. And the children also benefit from the relationship, since the care from more family members will help develop high self-esteem and good personality.

When Baby Boomer meet Generation Z

However, the world changes in every second. We do so hard to catch up with the change. But still, one day, we will find our kids are too cool to understand. If we have difficulties in dealing with the generation gap, then what about our parents?

Go to the Disneyland! You can help build closer bonds across the generations in your family.


Do you remember the days you had a great time in Disneyland as a child with family? Generation by generation, Disney is always here for you, for your kids, and even for the grandparents. For decades, no matter tough time or happy time, we are always here to spread joy and love.

Disneyland-1956-Castle   6402f3e3fde25eb0cc3946c8715561a5


Every girl once had a dream of being Snow White or Cinderella, while every boy had a friend called Mickey Mouse. In front of Mickey and Donald Duck, all of us are just kids. It’s the childhood of all the three generations in your family. It’s a wonderland for family, a magic place for a common memory.

If you don’t have a plan, why not buy a family tour for your parents and kids? For celebrating the National Grandparents’ Day, Disney offers 50% off discount for any family tour with senior member in it.

Call your mom and dad right now and tell them the great news! Let them enjoy the pure happiness with grandchildren and go though their childhood and old dreams again!Card_GrandparentsDay_LoveFromMe_Boy_L


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